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Smith & Wesson has released a few new guns over the last couple of weeks that are really peaking interest in the gun world. The M&P5.7 pistol in 5.7×28 caliber is actually a pretty neat gun. We’ve had a few come through and we’ve shot it here at the range. It operates completely differently than any other M&P handgun – it is gas operated. The barrel has a rotating locking system that is actuated by gas bled from the bore that travels back between the barrel and the shroud, acting on cam lugs. Those lugs cause the barrel to rotate and unlock and residual gas pressure in the bore moves the slide rearward. Actually more like an AR15 platform than a traditional pistol. The result is a very flat recoil impulse and very quick recovery time between shots. The biggest negative is the long trigger reach which is unfortunately necessary because of the length of the 5.7×28 cartridge.
My understanding is that aftermarket sights for the M&P optic cut slide will fit this model, including suppressor height sights (the barrel is threaded, after all). This gun is NOT a striker-fired pistol – there is an internal hammer; there is no current aftermarket trigger… yet. It is available with or without the manual thumb safety, which is very small and more like the M&P Shield than the regular M&P safety.
We are getting them in little by little but they are not staying long at a retail price of $699.99.

The other recent introduction is the S&W M&P FPC. This is a 9mm carbine that actually folds in half for storage. So, is Smith copying Kel-Tec?? Maybe only in the broadest concept but there are some huge differences that puts the S&W version way ahead of the SUB-2000. One of the most important is that the FPC folds to the side rather than over the top like the Kel-Tec. This means you can leave that red dot optic mounted and still fold the rifle. That’s a big decision maker in favor of the FPC in my opinion. The barrel comes threaded ½-28 and it ships with one 17rd and two 23rd magazines which store in the stock, all in a zipper bag. Kel-Tec offers none of that. With the FPC you are limited to the M&P magazines while the Kel-Tec uses Glock mags, but that does not outweigh the rest of the FPC design improvements.

These are brand new from S&W, but we do have them starting to come in and anticipate a retail between $600 and $650.