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$ 50
00 / person

This course is perfect for new gun owners seeking familiarity and comfort, as well as those wanting to try something different and learn a new skill.
This is a non-shooting course  designed to walk the new gun owner through the rules of firearm safety, nomenclature, types of ammunition, disassembly and means of storage. 
Students may bring their own unloaded pistol or revolver, or one can be provided for use during the class. 

Topics covered:
• Safe use and handling of firearms
• Responsible firearms ownership and applications of the handgun
• Components and operation of modern pistols
• Types, components, and purposes of ammunition
• Administrative loading and unloading of pistols
• Preventative maintenance (cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and safe storage)

Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: $50.00 Per Student
Required Gear: Note taking materials